August 11, 2009

Johnny's Po-Boys - New Orleans, LA

Exploring New Orleans for the first time, we knew we definitely had to have a classic po-boy (a traditional submarine sandwich from Louisiana).

We headed to Johnny's Po-Boys, the oldest family-run po-boy restaurant in New Orleans.

Johnny's Po-Boys is located in the French Quarter and is incredibly popular and crowded.

Lots of Po-Boy choices including oysters, crawfish, and alligator! We decided to go for the shrimp po-boy.

Shrimp Po-Boy ($9.25 + $0.50 to have it "dressed" with lettuce and tomato . We opted not to have the mayo): This large sandwich (pictured is only half of the po-boy!) was filled with tons of fried shrimp. It tasted even better when we added hot sauce to it. A hearty, no-frills sandwich with plenty of seafood - another good introduction to New Orleans!

Johnny's Po-Boys is located at 511 St. Louis St. in New Orleans, LA.


  1. you get around very quickly......

  2. hahaha! There were so many New Orlean restaurants - just trying to catch up! Just posted last night's Fishtail event though!


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