August 14, 2009

Evans Famous Creole Candy Factory - New Orleans, LA

While walking around the French Quarter, we decided to look for some authentic pralines. Originally a French dessert, the sweet treat was brought over to Louisiana and adapted to include pecans and cream.

We were excited when we found Evans Famous Creole Candy Factory. In addition to pralines, it was also filled with plenty of other sweet goodies made in-house.

We tried some of the free samples of their regular pralines. They were sweet as the sugar melts in your mouth and leaves the crunchy pecan. Our friends also bought the chocolate praline and the rum praline. Both were interesting, but we preferred the original.

Creole Hash - homemade marshmallow, milk chocolate and pecans. They looked so decadent!

We bought the Evans Creole Pecan Log ($4.95 for small, 4 oz size). It was a long strip of homemade marshmallow covered in pecans. It was so rich, but so good.

Evans Famous Creole Candy Factory is located at 848 Decatur Street in New Orleans, LA.

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