August 21, 2009

Central Grocery Co in New Orleans, LA

Our trip was nearing an end and we had yet to have the world famous muffuletta that was originated in New Orleans. We headed to Central Grocery Co. in the French Quarter, the originator of this famous sandwich.

Central Grocery Co. is an Italian grocery store that originated the sandwich in 1906. The muffuletta is a huge Italian sandwich made with sliced meats (like mortadella, salami, and capicola), cheeses (like provolone and mortadella), and a marinated olive spread.

The sign says it all!

The deli counter...
Easy and simple menu...
We chose the Vegetarian Muffaletta ($12.95) to share. It was filled with a thick and delicious olive spread (a mix of olives, carrots, celery, and cauliflower marinated overnight) and lots of sliced provolone and mortadella cheeses. It was so good, very flavorful, and quite substantial.

Central Grocery Co. is located at 923 Decatur St. in New Orleans, LA.

If anyone knows of a great muffuletta place in NYC, please let us know!

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