August 10, 2009

Cafe du Monde - Best Beignets in New Orleans, LA

We decided to spend a long foodie weekend in New Orleans, LA. Known for its Southern hospitality and creole/cajun cooking, New Orleans was a city we were looking forward to exploring for the first time with friends.

One of first places we had to visit was Cafe du Monde, the renowned coffee and beignet place in the French Quarter. Cafe du Monde coffee is ubiquitous here (we dined at many restaurants here that served this coffee) and for good reason - we loved the chicory flavor in the coffee.

Cafe du Monde was also the most crowded spot we (repeatedly) explored. The first time we came, the takeout line was very long...happily, a few servers noticed and took our order while we were at the back of the line and returned promptly with our beignets!

Our first beignets! ($1.82 for an order of 3): These deep-fried square pieces of dough are drenched in powdered sugar and are incredibly addictive! Yes, we came back here every day for the rest of our trip.

Iced Cafe au Lait ($3.19)

Since Cafe du Monde is opened 24/7, we came back at night too. We liked the hot coffee ($3.19) because we could taste the flavor more (Because the temperature was a humid 90F/30C during the day, we usually stuck to the cold coffees!)
Back again - this time trying the frozen cafe au lait ($3.96) with the beignet. The frozen coffee was good - like a coffee-flavored slushie!
close up of the beignet

On our last day (around 9AM when it was easy to find a non-sugared seat), we decided to sit down and dine on our favorite sweet treat in New Orleans. It was a great way to start (and end) our New Orleans trip.

The Original Cafe du Monde is located at 800 Decatur St. in New Orleans, LA.


  1. Yuuuum, beignets. Those are the best. Period. Glad you had fun in New Orleans!

  2. They were our go-to spot throughout our weekend! Can't wait to find our go-to spot in Chicago!!!


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