August 20, 2009

Bayona - New Orleans, LA

We were excited to dine at Chef Susan Spicer's Bayona restaurant. It has a reputation for great food and (for one of our friends) being vegetarian-friendly.
Located in the French Quarter, the restaurant is housed in a 200-year old Creole cottage.
Roasted garlic, cauliflower, carrots, and olives to start.
Crab Gratin ($11): Jumbo lump crab, leek and mushroom gratin with puff pastry. Rich, meaty, and comforting dish - plus who doesn't love a flaky puff pastry?
Eggplant Caviar and Tapenade with Herb croutons ($6.50): This was flavorful and rustic.
Roasted Ruston peaches and arugula salad ($9): With warm hazelnut-crusted goat cheese and golden balsalmic dressing, the salad was crisp and fresh.
Soup of the Day($6): This potato soup had a subtle smokey taste.
Peppered Lamb Loin with Goat Cheese and Zinfandel sauce ($29): Wonderfully prepared, Bayona's signature lamb dish was hearty and rustic. We loved the mashed sweet potato!
Pan Roasted Grouper ($28): With olive salad, Israeli couscous, baby artichokes, and basil butter, this fish dish was properly cooked but needed more seasoning.
Sauteed Pacific Salmon ($28): With choucroute (like a sauerkraut) and Gewurztraminer sauce. Again, we loved the mashed sweet potato and the salmon was nicely cooked.

Overall, the meal was good, not as exceptional as August and Commander's Palace.

Bayona is located at 430 Dauphine St in New Orleans, LA.

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