July 3, 2009

Wine Wipes - Keeping your Smile Picture Perfect

We've all been there before. Trying to enjoy a nice glass of red wine while worrying that your teeth are turning blue while your lips are turning purple.
Whether you're on a date, at your wedding, or meeting people at a networking function, there's now a discreet way to wipe that wine off your pearly whites. The solution? Wine Wipes.

The wipes come packaged in a plastic, compact container with a mirror. They can also be purchased in individually wrapped wipes. Each wipe is moist with a citrusy juice that will remove the stains on your lips and teeth without affecting your palette.
A 12-pack of individually wrapped Wine Wipes ($12.95 CAD = approx $11.25 USD) are available online at http://www.winewipes.ca/.
The compacts are available in 3-pack form ($18 USD) on the Borracha site.
We have one compact to give away. Leave a non-anonymous comment. The winner will be randomly selected and notified by July 10th. Contest is limited to residents of Canada and the U.S.


  1. Thanks to Jason Sanwell of Wine Wipes Canada Ltd. for the compact giveaway! Check out http://www.winewipes.ca for retail locations!

  2. These are something I would need whenever I have wine, I always seem to end up with some one me!

  3. This is good. I am always walking around like the purple people eater.

  4. What a fab idea! No more living in fear...red wine paranoia, that is. :)

  5. What a smart idea!

  6. that's an awesome product! I don't have to deal with the white wine headaches anymore. I am free to drink red wine and not look sick.


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