July 13, 2009

Tim Horton's NOW OPEN - locations, menus disclosed

It's finally here! Re-branded as "Tim Hortons coffee & bake shop", 12 store locations opened today. (It was previously reported that 13 would open, but to our dismay, the Wall St Dunkin' Donuts was just shut down and not converted into Tim Hortons).

Why have we been excited about Tim Hortons in NYC? Dunkin' Donuts has its goods shipped in, but Tim Hortons bakes its goods in-house. This means its products are always fresh.

To celebrate today's grand opening, free coffee was given out as well as coupons for a future small coffee (hot, iced, iced capp, or latte - exp 7/31/09).

We visited 3 locations (Penn Station, Madison Square Garden, and Upper West Side). Here's our report:

Penn Station was the biggest mob scene with cameras, interviews, and a dancing cup of coffee.
Funny anecdote: A woman happily walks out with her free coffee. The security guard tells her to thank Tim Hortons and points to a group of Tim Hortons executives nearby. She walks up to them and asks, "Which one of you is Tim Hortons?" (Tim Hortons was a hockey player who passed away years ago)

There were multiple "coffee and bake shops". This location was quickly going through its baked goods (these were replaced with freshly baked donuts). We found it interesting to see the calorie count displayed.

Madison Square Gardens (beside Hotel Pennsylvania): Smaller coffee stand with an employee advertising free coffee today and in the future (with the coupon)

Coffee is given out with a sleeve that explains who was Tim Hortons (emphasizing his NY ties, it says that he was an NHL all-star who played for the NY Rangers and Buffalo Sabres).

Upper West Side (2547 Broadway btwn 95th and 96th Sts): A stand-alone store, with no indication of the free coffee. Unlike the midtown locations, there were not any balloons or employees outside.

People were surprised when they didn't have to pay for their coffee.
Funny anecdote: Dunkin' Donuts was giving out $1 off coupons at the 96th Station (they were also outside MSG). People took the coupons and walked straight to the store's former location (i.e. the new Tim Hortons).

The UWS location was fully stocked with baked goods. When one customer could not see the chocolate glazed donut he craved, the manager offered to bake one up for him immediately.

We opted for the free coffee (normally $1.59) and an assorted box of 10 Timbits ($2.39).

Our assorted Timbits

Menu Shots

Tim Hortons NYC locations:
Midtown (8 locations, 6 near Penn!): 1 Penn Plaza (LIRR Level)
2 Penn Plaza (Amtrak Level)
Madison Square Garden Taxi Ramp
47 E 42nd St (Btwn Park and Madison Aves)
401 7th Ave (at 32nd St)
1286 Broadway (btwn 33rd & 34th Sts)
761 7th Ave (at 50th St)
152 W34th St (at 7th Ave)

UES: 1276 Lexington Ave (btwn 85th and 86th Sts)

UWS: 2547 Broadway (btwn 95th and 96th Sts)

Brooklyn: 451 Fulton St (at Jay St)
22 Court St (btwn Montague and Remsen Sts)


  1. Thanks for the recap! Looks like fun!

  2. Great to see this happened without a royal inqiry.


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