July 9, 2009

Steam Whistle Brewery

We recently stopped into Steam Whistle Brewery, located in a historical railroad depot in downtown Toronto.
Steam Whistle only makes one beer, a pilsner made with the traditional four ingredients (malted barley, hops, water and yeast). On tap, especially at the brewery (you cannot get fresher beer than that!), the pilsner is bready, yet light and fresh with a light, hoppy bitter finish.

The brewery is easily found near the CN Tower and Rogers Centre (aka SkyDome).
The tasting bar where you can sample the beer.
The taps (one of many)...

We love how the brewery integrated itself into this historic landmark without destroying its integrity. We also appreciate the number of environmentally friendly initiatives (including using wind power and deep lake water cooling to run the brewery).

Even the equipment is energy-efficient...
We picked up a few bottles to have at home... although the beer had some of the bready quality as at the brewery, some of the freshness was gone. Still, overall a decent beer, about $13 CAD for a six-pack (this beer is not sold in the U.S.). Cheers!

Steam Whistle Brewing is located in The Roundhouse at 255 Bremner Blvd in Toronto, Canada. Tours run everyday, every 30 minutes from 1pm.


  1. ANOTHER one of my favourite places in Toronto!

  2. The beer's so good!

  3. Thanks Deborah! Our blog is a labour of love, so we're thrilled when people enjoy reading it!


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