July 8, 2009

SOMA chocolatemaker: Fantastic Homemade Gelato!

The Distillery District in Toronto is a great place to wander about on a Saturday afternoon. Amongst the cobblestone walkways are restaurants, art galleries, retail stores, and even a brewery.

Since it was a bright and humid day, we headed towards SOMA chocolatemaker. SOMA is known for its chocolate made in-house. Visitors can usually see the experts at work making truffles.

We were more interested in SOMA's in-house gelato that is made with fresh purees (sourced locally and organic when possible), not powder.

The in-house chocolate maker

Gelato (large $5.75 CAD = approx $5 USD): We decided to go for the large size so that we could try 3 flavours.
Lemon Sour Cream: Our favourite! It tasted like lemon meringue pie.
Strawberry and Mint: Sweet and herbal, we loved the taste of the real, garden-fresh mint. This gelato reminded us of a strawberry mojito.
Dark Chocolate (non-dairy): You can't go wrong choosing chocolate at a chocolate factory! This was sweet and simple, made with dark cocoa.

SOMA chocolatemaker is located at 55 Mill Street in Toronto, Canada.
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