July 2, 2009

Crab Cakes in Maryland - Where else?

Since we were in Maryland, we just had to have crab cakes. In the Baltimore area, we had to go to G & M Restaurant & Lounge. We each got the double platter (2 crab cakes with 2 sides for $23.95 for lunch).

Each crab cake is meaty and full of real crab. One crab cake would definitely have been more than enough!

Coleslaw - This was good as it was not too creamy.

Creamed Spinach - Too rich and creamy for us.

Potato Salad - This mustard-based salad was light and creamy.

Vegetable of the Day - Steamed Cauliflower. Crunchy and not too soggy.
French Fries - nice and crispy.

These were by far the largest crab cakes we've ever had! We would definitely come here again.
G & M Restaurant & Lounge is located at 804 Hammonds Ferry Road.
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  1. G&M crab cakes are the real deal, the best I have had in 10+ years here.

    And with the remodeling, it's not such a dive anymore!

  2. We left stuffed! Thanks for taking us there!

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