July 30, 2009

Chimayo - Elk in Park City, UT

While we were planning this vacation in Park City, UT, we asked around for dinner recommendations. We decided to check out Chimayo because of everyone's rave reviews about this Southwestern restaurant.

Even during the slower summer months, Chimayo was one of the more popular spots. The decor is rustic and the atmosphere was festive and casual.

We loved the dressing (like a very light, not spicy, mayonnaise made with cilantro, jalapeno, garlic, olive oil) with the bread.

Ceviche de la Casa ($16): shrimp, scallops and fish marinated in lemon and lime juice
tossed with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, shallots, sweet onions, serrano chiles and seasoned with cilantro. It was a beautiful presentation (we like the cheesy crisp). It tasted like a strong Bloody Mary or Clamato with fresh seafood and a tangy bite (from the cilantro, garlic, and lime). The dish was good, but maybe on the pricey side.

London Broil of Elk ($40): Seasoned with toasted black peppercorns and sesame seeds. Accompanied with a potato and cheddar quesadilla (with fresh tomato salsa) and asparagus. The elk was finished with a green chili béarnaise. This was the highlight of our meal! The meat was tender and flavorful. The bearnaise sauce was good - not too heavy and a little sweet. The asparagus was crisp and perfectly cooked. We loved the tomato salsa because it added a freshness to the dish.

Grilled Buffalo Flank Steak ($40): Topped with wild mushrooms and served with corn-poblano potato gratin. The buffalo was finished with a red chili sauce. This was an earthy and hearty dish. The gratin was good (a little too cheesy). The (large) steak was perfectly prepared and the mushrooms were delicious!

Chimayo is located at 368 Main St in Park City, UT.

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