July 6, 2009

Beer Bistro - Meals made with Beer

It's summertime, and we're back on the road. This time, we headed north to Toronto in search of some great food and beer. We heard about Beer Bistro, a bar/restaurant close to the Financial District that features not only beer, but food made with beer.

There were many options for us to sit and dine: The bar,
The dining room,

and even overlooking the kitchen.

Since it was a warm and sunny day, we opted for the patio with the rest of the business lunch crowd.
While waiting for a friend, we decided to sample some beers.

Tasting Trio ($6 CAD = approx $5.20 USD)
Left: Grand River Hannenberg Pils (Ontario, 4.5% ABV): This was light, dry and bready with a little hoppy bitterness on the finish.

Middle: Durham Hop Addict (Ontario, 5% ABV): We could taste some citrus and it had a nice evergreen/piney nose on it.

Right: Ephemere Pommes (Quebec, 5.5% ABV): This smells like crisp, green apple but the taste was not too sweet. A good lambic style beer from Unibroue.

Neustadt Springs 10w30 (Ontario, 5.5% ABV): Big, sweet maltiness in this brown sweet ale.

Tasting Trio ($6 CAD = approx $5.20 USD)

Left: Mike Duggan Number 9 IPA (Ontario, 6.2% ABV): This was balanced as we could taste the sweetness of the malt with the grassiness of the hops. There had a slight toast on it as well.

Middle: Urthel Hop-It (Belgium, 9.5% ABV) This was a dry hoppy Belgium that we've never had before. It definitely packs a punch with the high alcohol level apparent but a really good Belgian.

Right: Black Oak Nut Brown Ale (Ontario, 5% ABV): We could smell the roasted/toasted notes on it with a pleasant dry, nutty finish. The dry style was the opposite end of the specrum compared to the 10w30.

We liked the Durham Hop Addict (Ontario, 5% ABV) we tasted so we ordered a pint ($6.52 CAD = approx $5.67 USD). A crisp, hoppy Pale Ale from Canada for a hot day.

Belgian Frites ($6 CAD = approx $5.20 USD): This came with home-made mayo and smoked ketchup (which tasted like BBQ sauce was added to it).

Lemon Truffle Chicken Club ($13.95 CAD = approx $12.13 USD): This contained smoked berkshire beer bacon, lemon truffle mayo, tomato, lettuce, and ale-marinated chicken. The chicken was moist and not over-cooked.

Berkshire Pulled Pork Primanti ($14.50 CAD = approx $12.60 USD): Looking around the patio, this was the most popular dish amongst the lunch crowd. The pork is home-smoked and braised with beer. There is also cole slaw, gouda cheese, and potato in the sandwich. This was a very flavourful sandwich!

Brussels Mussels ($16 CAD = approx $13.90 USD): All of Beer Bistro's mussels are steamed in beer broth. This version contains affligem, smoked sausage, tomato, hot chilis, fennel, parsley, and garlic. The sausage was tasty and we loved the broth. We loved the earthiness of the herbs with the heat from the chilis. We couldn't stop sopping our crusty bread with the broth!

Beer Bistro is located at 18 King St E (at Yonge St) in Toronto, Canada.
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  1. I LOVE the Beer Bistro - then again, I spent a year in Belgium!!!

  2. My husband and I can't wait to one day visit Belgium...and Amsterdam...and Ireland...basically he wants to go to any country with a lot of beer!

  3. Well he would get on royally with my better half!!! We're off to Laos where there is only ONE brand of beer!!!!

  4. everything looks so yummy! come on summer!


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