June 15, 2009

Street Sweets

Though it's parked right by Robert Indiana's LOVE sculpture in midtown Manhattan, the Street Sweets truck hasn't been feeling the love from nearby eateries.

Thanks to Midtown Lunch, we learned that nearby Pret a Manger and Bistro Milano were upset that their new neighbor might be taking business away from them. So, they and their landlord called the cops, FDNY, and HAZMAT (hazardous materials).

We thought that this was ridiculous since the Street Sweets truck offers both a different menu and dining experience than either Pret or Bistro. But we wanted to see what the fuss was all about so we headed out for our first visit to the Street Sweets truck.

The fun bright blue truck only started serving customers one week ago. We spoke with co-owner Samira and she mentioned that they were spending money to silence their muffler (We didn't think they needed to do so because it didn't seem loud to us at all).

On a lighter note, Samira also shared some of the highlights from her menu.

Croissant sandwiches ($5), cupcakes ($3.50), macaroons ($1), and much more.

We sampled the Pecan Sand Tart cookies and the Candied Ginger Shortbread cookies (These bags of 10 cookies are $6 each). These cookies are a cherished family recipe and were incredibly light and flavorful.

We chose her unique pumpkin whoopie pie ($2). It had a nice fragrance and had a soft texture. Its flavor had a great spice to it and was not too sweet.

We also chose her giant croissant ($2.75 + $2 for almond butter filling)

The croissant was flaky, not dry, and the almond butter was rich. We were impressed that, unlike most other croissants we've had, it wasn't greasy at all (no oil stains on our bag!).

The Street Sweets truck is usually found at 55th St and 6th Ave. Unfortunately, the cops were called again after we left so their location may change. Follow them on twitter for the most up to date information (http://twitter.com/StreetSweets).

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