June 21, 2009


We heard a lot of great reviews about Siroc, an Italian restaurant that just opened a few months ago by McPherson Square. The interior looked nice, but given the sunny weather, we opted for a patio lunch.


Warm bread with olive oil (the plate is beautiful!)

Soft shell crab with sausage, asparagus, and tomatoes in a cream sauce ($15): The crab was tasty and the sauce was very rich. It was not very filling, so we were glad we split this as an appetizer. The house-made pastas were a better choice for our entrees.

House-made black pepper tagliatelle with sweet garlic, olive oil, red pepper flakes and seared scallop ($15): The tagliatelle was fresh and delicate. We loved the sweetness of the perfectly seared scallop slices with the spice of both the black pepper (that was in the pasta dough) and the red pepper flakes.

Hand cut spinach pappardelle, tossed in a ragu of wild mushrooms, tomatoes, and thyme ($14): This was a hearty, comforting dish. We love the balanced seasoning of this dish (it was nice to have a sauce that was not oversalted).

Sorbet trio (mango, peach, and strawberry) with seasonal fruits (blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries) ($6): A colorful and refreshing end to a great meal.

While we were eating, the restaurant and patio soon filled up with business people and a few casual walk-ins. Word has definitely gotten out about this great new restaurant!

Siroc is located at 915 15th Street (btwn I and K Sts).

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