June 20, 2009

High/Low on the Road in DC: Julia's Empanadas

We decided to head to DC for a few days of culinary exploration. We had so many great meals - from haute cuisine to great comfort foods. One of our favorites was luckily right by our hotel. Even better, this great quick fix meal cost us less than $4.

Julia's Empanadas sells these giant, hand-made pastries filled with sweet or savory fillings. She even makes the dough herself.

Many savory choices included Jamaican style (beef patty), Spinach, and Chorizo.

There were also plenty of sweet choices including ones with almond paste and various fruits. We opted for the large savory empanadas.

Turkey with Spring Onions ($3.41 or $3.75 after tax): Cilantro, spring onion, jalapeno, and seasoned with turmeric.

We loved the pastry and how it was not greasy (no oil stains on the paper bag!). The flavors went well together with the slightly sweet onions offsetting the spice from the jalapeno.

Saltenas ($3.41 or $3.75 after tax): Chicken, potato, green peas, hard boiled egg, raisin, green olives, and onions.

This pastry was so satisfying. It was filled with so many ingredients that surprisingly went well together.

Julia's Empanadas is located at 1221 Connecticut Ave NW (btwn N 18th St & N Jefferson Pl).

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  1. Connecticut Avenue is not our only location. Please try our locations at 18th Street & Columbia Road, NW, 14th & Park, NW, and now our new location at 6235 Georgia Avenue, NW.

    Thank you for your input and review of our business!!
    Julia's Empanadas


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