June 25, 2009

Founding Farmers - Eating Local with the Locals

We love getting ideas on where to eat and after soliciting friends on Facebook, someone suggested Founding Farmers to us.

We were really excited because Founding Farmers uses ingredients from local farms. It's like dining in a farmer's market. Everything is fresh (even their inventive cocktails!). As an added bonus, the restaurant is very environmenally friendly (It is LEED certified, a certified Green restaurant, and a Carbonfund.org partner).

Farmer's Salad ($7): Baby lettuces, avocado, dates, tomatoes, red grapes, marcona almonds (shorter and sweeter than regular almonds), and Parmesan cheese in a champagne vinaigrette. Tons of flavors and textures - knowing that the ingredients arrive daily from local farms, any salad here should be a great pick!

Flatbread ($8) with prosciutto (from La Quercia), fig, and marscapone cheese. La Quercia, from Iowa, makes some great Parma-like prosciutto from domestic pigs. We love the classic combination of salty prosciutto with the sweet figs.

Shmears, Dips, and Housemade Bread ($5): romesco dip, Green goddess dip (avocado based), pimento cheese dip, and airy butter.

Fraise Fling ($12): Made with fresh strawberries, lychee, Snow Queen organic vodka, and Charles de Fere Brut. This was fantastic! It was crisp, fresh, and tasty. We love the old school way the bartender crushed the fruit (with mortar and pestle) to create our cocktail.

Heavy Seas Loose Cannon Hop 3 Ale ($6, 7.25% APV): We liked this American IPA. It was hoppy with a good citrus and resiny aroma and slightly bitter taste. Overall, a quite smooth IPA without overpowering sweetness or alcohol.

Pub Fish and Chips ($14): Lightly battered white fish with crispy hand-cut chips. It was served with a homemade tartar sauce and a 8oz glass of the seasonal special Brooklyn Cuvee de Cardoz.

Southern Pan-Fried Chicken with Waffles ($16): Crisp free-range chicken with gravy and Belgium waffles. It was served with broccoli (vegetable of the day) and their homemade mac n' cheese. We liked how well seasoned the chicken was prepared.
Coffee ($3): We only mentioned the coffee because it is from Intelligentista Coffee. We heard about this Chicago coffee establishment and its commitment to providing great coffee by developing beans with growers around the world. The coffee had a pretty good flavor.
Founding Farmers is located at 1924 Pennsylvania Ave NW (btwn N 19th St & N 20th St).
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  1. I adore your blog-photos, perspective and discoveries. Superb!

  2. You just made my day! Thanks so much for your kind words!!


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