June 30, 2009

Charm City Cakes - Meeting Chef Duff!

While we were in Baltimore, we had to stop by Charm City Cakes to take a photo of the shop. We love watching Ace of Cakes of The Food Network. The cakes are works of art and the artists seem fun and laid-back, but dedicated to their craft.

Even though we knew we could not go inside (it's by appointment only and a minimum $1000 per cake), we wanted see where all the baking magic happens.

So we were surprised and excited to see Chef Duff himself in front of the bakery. We chatted with him for a few minutes. He was really friendly and easygoing - just one of the guys you could easily bond with over beers.

We also talked to him about his band and his beautiful car (that he bought for only $2000 and then spent countless hours getting it fixed up).

Charm City Cakes is located at 2936 Remington Ave (at W 30th St).

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