June 17, 2009

Cannoli at Caffe Dante

We were walking around Greenwich Village in search of a sweet treat. We had seen Alexandra Guarnaschelli (the chef from Butter and many Food Network shows) proclaim on a Food Network special that the best thing she has ever eaten was a cannoli from Caffe Dante. We thought this would be a safe bet.

We found the rather large cafe filled with people on the patio chatting and relaxing, not unlike the cafes in Europe.
We bought our cannoli to go(at $3.80 it was a little pricey). The pastry was fresh and the filling was abundant. It definitely was tasty, though we couldn't say it was the best thing we ever eaten. Perhaps had we sat on the patio, with an espresso in one hand and this cannoli in the other, we would agree with Ms. Guarnaschelli. Though it was not as transcendent as Butter's chef made it seem, the cannoli did satisfy our sweet tooth.

Caffe Dante
is located at 79-81 Macdougal Street (at Bleecker St).

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