June 1, 2009

67 Burger - One of the Best Burgers in Brooklyn

Summertime is all about burgers and patio dining. There's nothing we like more than a big juicy burger, a cold pint of beer, and people-watching in the sun.

We went to 67 Burger for a weekend lunch. The decor is casual, yet sleek and modern. But the burger (beef, turkey, chicken, or veggie) is by far, the star.

The burgers are incredibly thick and juicy. The buns are toasted. And with all of the toppings, it was difficult to fit everything in one bite! (It's a good thing that there are plenty of napkins on every table!)

A (very large) side of curly fries ($3.95): These were more than enough to share. They were not greasy nor spicy, but were seasoned well with salt and a little bit of black pepper.

The Parisian ($7.75): We asked to prepare this burger medium rare. It came with white wine sauteed onions, mushrooms, and dijon mustard. It was incredibly large and juicy. We love the hearty combo of onions and mushrooms with the tang of dijon mustard.

Cheeseburger with avocado topping ($7 + $1.50): We chose the pepper jack cheese atop our medium cooked burger. The pepper jack gave a nice subtle spicy taste to our perfectly cooked burger while the avocado was cool and creamy.

67 Burger is located at 67 Lafayette (at Fulton St) in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. If you're looking for a big, juicy burger actually prepared the way you like it, this is the place to go.

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