May 5, 2009

Kozlik's new product: Rub-B-Que

We are big fans of Kozlik's mustards (our favourites include Triple Crunch, Horseradish, XXX Hot, and Bordeaux). We initially found them in Toronto's St. Lawrence Market, and heard that they flew off the shelves when they were showcased at New York's Zabar's.

So we were very excited to find that Kozlik's has added a meat spice rub to its product line. We decided to try it out on our prime sirloin steak. We loved that the rub had full black peppercorns and tons of herb flavour without the pervasive saltiness. It was surprising to have a rub mix that is not glorified garlic salt. It's also great to have a dry rub that only contains natural ingredients.

With all of the herbs, spices, and mustard in the rub, our steak had a nice rich and earthy flavour.

Kozlik's Meat Rub and Mustards all retail for $5.99 CAD (approx $4.80 USD) each. They are available at St. Lawrence's Market in Toronto. For more information or to order this and many other products, go to:

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