May 26, 2009

govino - Elegant wineglasses anywhere you go!

We love outdoor get-togethers and sharing great wines with
friends and family wherever we go. But we always face the dilemma of either serving a fine bottle in cheap plastic cups or sacrificing Waterford glasses for the greater good.

Govino glasses are a perfect solution to our entertaining needs. We tried them out this weekend after reading about them in a wine magazine. At only $2.99 each (or a 4-pack at $11.95), they are an inexpensive way to showcase our favourite wines without worrying about broken glass.

The glasses feature a dent on the side for your thumb so you can easily carry them. They are also lightweight, yet durable.

Originally designed for wine professionals, these glasses are made of a special plastic that acts like crystal...that is, you can properly see your wine's colour and smell its bouquet. We loved its design as it was perfect for swirling, sniffing, and most importantly, drinking wine.

And the glasses are shatterproof too (as seen by how bendy the glass is in the photo above). One of the guests even dropped the glass, only to have it bounce back in his hand.

These beautiful glasses are reusable (they should be hand-washed) and recyclable.

For more information, including where to purchase these wineglasses, go to:


  1. These glasses sound functional and affordable plus they look stylish! A great accessory for outdoor BBQs and picnic for sure. Thanks for letting us know about these!

  2. These sound like a really good option for outdoor wine drinking and they look cute! Can't wait to try them. Just in time for summer entertaining too. Thanks for the tip.

  3. For the price, is this better than a plastic cup or a cheap glass for $6?

    For a really expensive wine you'll have a regular glass and for a cheap wine, you'll have a plastic cup. I suppose this is for something in the middle.

    I like the dimple.

    Too bad they can't run through the dishwasher.

  4. Thanks for the suggestion! I'm always looking for gift ideas for my wine-loving fiance, and these will be perfect.

  5. I bought these a few weeks ago for a pool-side desk party and they were a hit!

    We have several rather clumsy guests, and normally one or two glasses meet an untimely end. However, when dropped, these little babies bounced right off the deck! We had no glass shards to clean up and no embarrassed guests to comfort! What a relief!

  6. I loved the cups. They were much nicer than a plastic cup. They are well worth the money...and a good glass of wine should cost more than $6.

  7. The govino can be used to imbibe party drinks other than wine. At a Memorial Day party over the weekend, it was suggested that I pour my Samuel Adams Summer Ale into one of the recyclable glasses. I doubted the entire bottle would fit, but it did with room to spare. The glass allowed me to enjoy the color and citrus bouquet of this summertime favorite without fear of shattering the hosts' fine glassware. I will definitely be using these in the future to protect the good glassware during casual gatherings, whether I am the host or a guest. Stay classy.

  8. I think the best news is that the entire Sam Adams fits into the glass! Since I'm not a big wine guy it's great to know that they are multi-purpose glasses...Keeping it Classy,


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