May 25, 2009

Crif Dogs: Hot Dog Hedonism

New Yorkers are proud of their hot dogs. From dirty-water dogs outside Yankee Stadium to Gray's Papaya, there are a myriad of choices found in the city.

Another well-known mecca of hot dogs is Crif Dogs, found on the Lower East Side. Locals and tourists alike trek down here for what many consider are the best hot dogs in New York.

The extensive menu is packed with various options to dress your Crif Dog. The Crif Dog itself is a handmade, naturally smoked dog. You can customize your dog by choosing from a variety of toppings, or you can just leave it to the experts and order from the menu. There are also Crif Burgers available...but we came here for the dogs!

Spicy Redneck ($4.75): Crif Dog's #1 best-seller. This is a bacon-wrapped Crif Dog with chili, cole slaw, and jalapenos. It was incredibly filling, but delicious. It was spicy (from the peppers) but cool and refreshing (from the cole slaw). The slaw added crunch, while the chili made it hearty. We loved how all the flavours and textures mixed together. A meal in itself, this was our favourite.

Chili Dog ($3.75): This well done Crif Dog (deep fried!) was topped with mustard, onions, and their special chili sauce. It was tasty and indulgent.

Chihuahua ($4.50): This bacon-wrap Crif Dog was covered with sour cream and avocadoes. It was lighter than the other two and the avocados were nice and fresh.

"Secret" entrance to PDT (Please Don't Tell). Phone reservations are needed ahead of time to enter this speakeasy. You can also order Crif Dogs here, in a more sophisticated, sexier lounge.

We like the "hole in the wall" feel of Crif Dogs. The hot-dogs just seem to taste even better when you can indulge in a game of vintage Ms. Pac-Man.

Crif Dogs is located at 113 Saint Marks Place (btwn 1st Ave and Ave A).
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