May 4, 2009

Chip Shop - a bite of Britain in Brooklyn

We heard that Brooklyn may be boosting the best fish and chips in New York so we decided to see for ourselves. Chip Shop is a small, kitchy restaurant whose interior is an homage to the UK. It is a fun, family-friendly spot.

There is definitely something for everyone on the large menu!

If you can deep fry it, it will likely be on the menu!

We started with an imperial pint of O'hara's Stout ($6.50): This is a dry-style Irish stout that is creamy and malty. We definitely liked it and it went well with our food. Next to Guinness, but right before Murphy's, this beer became one of our favourites.

Fizzy Ribena ($3): We enjoyed the light and carbonated black currant soda pop that was not too sweet.

Battered Plaice and Chips ($12.75): The plaice is a light, flaky, delicate white fish similar to flounder. The crust was well seasoned and crispy, but not burnt. The chips are authentic as they are plump and crisp as well.

Hangover Special ($13.50): This large breakfast includes fried portobello mushroom (this was tasty and juicy), sausage, sunny side up egg, baked beans, bacon (this was the real, meaty ham-like bacon), potatoes, toast, coffee, fried tomatoes, and unlimited refills of bucks fizz (mimosas). This would definitely help a hangover (though it may cause a coronary!)

Our meal was the perfect comfort food. We were so full that we could not try any of the dessert choices...perhaps we will try a deep-fried mars bar the next time we are here (we don't think we could handle the deep-fried Twinkies!)

Chip Shop is located at 383 5th Ave., in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

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