May 29, 2009

Best Black and White Cookies in NYC

Every New Yorker has his or her favourite place for Black and White cookies. Actually, they're not really cookies. They're more like flattened shortbread-like spongey cake with chocolate and vanilla icing on top. The cookies were made even more famous by the Seinfeld episode, "The Dinner Party" where Jerry proclaims,"Look to the cookie" as the answer to race relations.

We headed over to William Greenberg, a mainstay since 1946 on the Upper East Side. The wonderful smell of homemade goods hit us when we enter. Even though the store is filled with pastries, cupcakes, and tarts, we head straight for the black and white cookie.

The Black and White cookie ($3.50, smaller ones are $2 each) is amazing! The cookie was fresh and the frosting was sinfully decadent.

Why is this the perfect black and white cookie? In addition to the creamy frosting, the cookie part is thick, rich, and moist (versus non-traditional drier/biscotti-type versions).

William Greenberg
is located at 1100 Madison Ave. (btwn E83rd and E84th Sts.)
William Greenberg Jr. Desserts on Urbanspoon

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  1. The cookies look different and nice. I like cookies nyc. Good informative blog.


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