April 29, 2009

Jacques Torres - When a Kiss isn't just a Kiss

Jacques Torres houses delicious and artfully-designed chocolates and other sweet treats. Recently, Hershey's threatened the chocolatier with legal action stating that consumers would be confused between a Hershey Kiss and Torres' new Champagne Kiss (pictured left). Hershey is demanding that Torres rename its product.

Today, at all 3 Jacques Torres NYC locations, the stores will be giving away 10,000 Champagne Kiss chocolates (noon-3pm).

When we first heard about the controversy, we thought it was ridiculous. After all, the two certainly look different. As well, though iconic, the Hershey Kiss is a mass-produced candy. Torres' Champagne Kiss, however, is a gourmet product found on his website or in his handful of stores.

We went to the store on the UWS (Amsterdam btwn 73rd and 74th streets) to try out his new creation. The Champagne Kiss is made of milk chocolate, with a champagne filling. The texture is soft, silky, and melts in your mouth. Though we could not taste the champagne in the filling, it was good and reminded us of caramel (but not as sweet).

Did it remind us those foil wrapped treats we last had when we were trick-or-treating as kids? Definitely not! These treats were much more luxurious.

The Champagne Kiss retails for $1.50/each or $55 for a box of 50.

For more information or to sign Jacques Torres' petition, go to http://www.savejacqueskiss.com/ . Jacques Torres is located at 285 Amsterdam Ave., 350 Hudson at King Street, and in DUMBO at 66 Water Street, Brooklyn.

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