April 14, 2009

Hakka Chinese food at Lin Garden Restaurant

The Hakka Chinese people are a group from southern Chinese. Due to their agricultural-based history and culture, the cuisine is hearty and savory filled with meat and fresh vegetables. Also, because the Hakka Chinese people are nomadic (many Chinese friends of ours who were born in India, Jamaica, and Mauritius tell us of large Hakka populations in those countries) much of the food is blended with other cultures (and tend to be spicy). With this in mind, we were excited when a friend recommended a Hakka restaurant for dinner while we were visiting Toronto.

Crab and Corn Soup ($5.50 CAD/approx $4.40 USD, medium size): This was a comforting, savory soup that tasted better when we added the chili sauce to it. The portion was big for a "medium" size (our table of 3 have at least 2 bowls apiece).

Manchurian Beef (left, $7.50 CAD/approx $6 USD): This beef dish in neon red sauce was our least favourite dish of the entire meal. There was not much flavour and we could not figure out what was in the sauce.

Hakka Chow Mien (right, $6.50 CAD/approx $5.20 USD): Included in the noodles were chicken, shrimp, and vegetables. We enjoyed this dish as it was not too oily and had plenty

House Shrimp ($9.50 CAD/approx $7.60 USD): These crispy shrimp with chili peppers was fantastic and our favourite dish of the meal. The shrimp were plump and not overly breaded.

The meal was good and the portions were very large, especially for the prices we paid. The menu was very extensive with dishes that reflect both Indian and Chinese influences. We would likely return with a larger group of people in order to try other dishes (chicken pakoras and chili chicken are popular choices).

Lin Garden Restaurant is located at 1806 Pharmacy Avenue, just south of Sheppard Avenue East.

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